PSP® Fluoropolymer Coated Stainless Steel Duct

PermaShield Pipe Fluoropolymer Coated Stainless Steel Duct Product Offerings

PSP® is the trade name for PermaShield Pipe; stainless steel corrosive fume exhaust duct with PermaShield fluoropolymer barrier coating. A product recognized today as a world leader in corrosive fume exhaust systems.

PSP is the leading product in the industries we serve for many reasons. Our Fluoropolymer coating is less expensive than exotic metal alloys and PSP’s coating system is considered as a factor in reducing insurance premiums. PSP is designed to be easily installed with multiple joining system options including the fast and secure EZ Clamp system which can save up to 50% in installation time. We can manufacture duct from 2” to 120” in diameter to meet your project needs.

Approved for use without interior sprinklers, PSP® installs quickly and easily with no mess.  There is no welding, grinding, sanding or chemicals required for assembly and installation. PermaShield Pipe requires less installation labor compared to fiberglass reinforced plastic and additional labor savings can be realized using Fab-Tech's proprietary EZ clamps.

Smaller diameter PSP can also be shortened in the field for final fit up measurement needs. This is an easy and consistent process that can be easily trained by Fab-Tech’s personnel.

Fab-Tech offers extensive selection of accessories and flexible design capabilities including modular options, allowing PSP customers the ease of one stop shopping.  Our product is manufactured in-house delivering shorter lead times.  We can provide custom fabrication to help our customer realize their process system goals. PSP by Fab-Tech is a pre-engineered , highly configurable product. Most product configurations are available from our easy to use order sheets. For more advanced or unusual configurations, Fab-Tech’s engineering department  stands ready to assist with over 50 years of combined experience in corrosive fume exhaust design.

The coating applied to PSP® products can be described as the highest performing chemical- and impact-resistant coating available today.  With nearly three decades of proven service in harsh environments, PSP® is ideal for safe and reliable removal of harmful exhaust fumes.  Our PTFE Gasket System provides superior joint sealant technology, permitting “a no-leaks duct system“ that has “0“ Flame Spread as determined by ASTM E84 Testing. PSP also holds the FM Approvals Standard 4922 certification, assuring its ability to limit flame and smoke propagation and maintain its structural integrity. PermaShield Pipe contributes to the overall safety of the facility as well as the safety of the facility employees by preventing airborne contamination, fluid leakage, or total system failure in the event of a fire.

Many of the chemicals and solvents that are easily contained by PermaShield Fluoropolymer Barrier Coating can cause rapid deterioration of other plastics and all but the most exotic metal alloys.  Chemical compatibility data is available from Fab-Tech for over 500 chemicals. Request a discovery call today and we can help you review your vent duct application needs.