Jake Conner
Vice President of Operations
Fab-Tech Inc.

As Vice President of Operations for Fab-Tech Inc., Jake focuses on bringing best-in-class manufacturing and operational processes to our facilities while simultaneously increasing our capacity to assure on-time delivery of the highest-quality products to our growing customer base.

Jake joined Fab-Tech Inc. in 2007 in a Purchasing role before being promoted to Purchasing Manager and also serving as Director of Operations at Fab-Tech. He was later promoted to Corporate Vice President of Supply Chain, bringing best practices across the entire CPS Group, and the position he recently transferred from to re-join Fab-Tech in the Vice President role.

Prior to joining the group, Jake worked in large-scale retail distribution for many years where he held various positions in Purchasing and Inventory Management. He played a pivotal role in establishing a distribution center for Rural Cellular Corporation (now part of Verizon Wireless and AT&T) which was responsible for the distribution of products to hundreds of retail locations across the country. When Jake left the retail distribution sector, he was able to bring his broad supply chain experiences to Fab-Tech, Inc. and the CPS Group.