W. Scott Fine
Executive Vice President
Fab-Tech Inc.

Scott is Executive Vice-President of Fab-Tech, Inc. and was one of the three founding members in 1987. He played an instrumental role in the product development of Permashield Pipe (PSP®), positioning the product line with a firm foundation and the branding needed to become the premiere market leader it is today.

As the Group has grown Scott has continued to take on broader responsibility and now is involved with the global sales and marketing strategy across the Group with a special focus on the semiconductor industry. Scott’s deep understanding of the semiconductor construction and equipment industry allows him to work with our Group companies to deliver innovative solutions with clear benefits that result in trusted partnerships between our companies and our customers.

Previous experience: Director of Sales and Marketing at Vermont Heating and Ventilating Company. When not working, Scott enjoys spending time skiing, mountain biking, and playing golf.